global content distribution

Image showing KDMX dashboard

KDMX’s parent companies have been a staple in the digital cinema industry for over a decade, earning the trust of both major studios and independent filmmakers alike to manage international content distribution for numerous prominent titles. With our infrastructure linked to upwards of 115,000 screens across the globe, our electronic distribution services boast an expansive international footprint.

Digital distribution

Unique X’s electronic distribution network, leveraging a state-of-the art Content Delivery Network (CDN), is custom built for feature film delivery into cinemas and has delivered titles to the industry for more than 10 years.

KDM Experts

KDMX is at the forefront of KDM generation, revolutionizing the industry with our proprietary platform. Capable of interfacing with over 115,000 screens globally, our system has the capacity to produce more than 1.5 billion automated KDMs annually, providing peace of mind for content owners with the right key delivered to the right theatre, on time.

Dynamic delivery

Our innovative content platform, KDMX, merges a range of preexisting distribution services to streamline the digital landscape. For precise and prompt delivery of your content, put your trust in KDMX.